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Cemetery Cleaning Services

"We always soar for excellence!"

We are not happy until the Client is happy.  There is no job too small or large for us to handle.  Our Staff will ensure to take great care of your loved one’s resting place and to handle everything with love and professionalism.

What makes us different? 

Our cleaning services will only use nature, eco-friendly biological and non-invasive techniques, and materials.  We do not use power washers, abrasive, or harsh methods.  Depending on the condition of some Headstones, it may take several cleaning visits and a gradual process to restore the nature state of the Headstone.

Working with us

We offer cleaning services plans for Annual, Semi-Annual, Comprehensive and Gravesite Preservation.  Please see below for additional information and reasonable pricing of our different plans.    

Daddy O’s Cemetery Cleaning Services only accept appointments through the months of March and November each year.  Due to the colder temperatures, we are not able to clean the Headstones in the months of December and February.  


However, feel free to contact us if you need immediate service requirement for those months and we will see what can be done to assist you.   

Prior to services being preformed our staff would have to review the policies of cemetery site to ensure we adhere to any restrictions that may apply. 

How can we be of service?

Image by Forrest Smith

Headstone Cleaning

The Headstone Cleaning entails cleaning the headstone with safe solutions and proper techniques to restore the headstone natural state.  We are able to clean off most stains from mold, algae, mildew, lichens and air pollutants that have accumulated over the years.  You will be extremely content with the results.

Trimming the Grass

Gravesite Preservation Plan (Landscaping)

The Initial Service Plan will provide a well needed and thorough cleaning of the headstone.  This process will allow us to get the headstone completely cleaned and as close to the nature appearance of the client’s particular headstone type.  

Image by Chris Boese

DIY Restoration Products



Coming soon!

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